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先進汽車音響在音響賽事中更是熱情參與,在眾多的獎項中, 得取經驗,獲得肯定,祈盼平安,更願以交朋友的心與您相處。

In addition, the sound of an advanced car hopes to associate and to associate to you because it is necessary to participate more kindly in the game of the sound, to take the experience in a lot of prizes that are, to acquire, to affirm, to pray, and to expect the Heian era by it as friend's mind.

服務項目: 衛星導航系統數位行動電視音響主機系列古河線材製震隔音墊頭枕螢幕吸頂螢幕主機面板套件改裝展示特區
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